Workplace Services

Remember, if you don't test, you are the workplace of choice for Drug Users!

The following is a complete list of services provided under SPEC's Drug-Free Workplace. In addition to providing the turn-key solution, SPEC provides consulting services on any or all aspects of DFW programs.

  • Legally written and approved policies and procedures
  • Legally written and approved multi-state policies that are uniformed in nature but are state specific per state, where applicable
  • Policy packets containing all necessary employee and documentation forms
  • Alcohol and drug testing assistance
  • Access to discount drug testing network
  • Discounted Medical Review Officer ("MRO") services
  • On-site support and Employee and Management Orientations during Program implementation
  • Free telephone consultation for management on all drug testing issues/questions
  • Random list generation available at no cost
  • Continued support for drug testing issues and treatment referrals
  • Administrative support for all customer service issues
  • Certification of Workers' Compensation Drug-Free Workplace Premium Credit Program, where applicable
  • Full compliance with DOT Alcohol & Drug Regulations, PART 382, where applicable
  • On-Site Training available for employees, supervisors, and management (at no cost)
  • Employee Training video(s) available (at minimal cost)
  • Detailed Customized Billing (dicated by customer requirements)
  • On-going legal support