SPEC has been an excellent partner in the policy development and the implementation of Woodward’s mandatory random testing program of its high school students. We also appreciate the care that SPEC’s staff provides our students and their professionalism in administering the tests. Dr. Stuart Gully, President, Woodward Academy

Wesleyan School's decision to launch our Drug Free Campus initiative, including random and periodic drug testing for all students in grades 9-12 as well as all employees, has had a significant and positive impact on our community. We are now partners with our parents on this critical issue as opposed to the years prior in which parents and students were reluctant to come forth with substance abuse and experimentation due to concerns over the discipline the school would enact.

Changes in our discipline policies combined with the addition of increased education and testing have created a culture in which our self-reports have increased significantly, including self-reports of alcohol use regardless of the fact that our testing does not include alcohol. This increased level of transparency has strengthened the school-parent partnership and ultimately created a safer environment for students. If nothing else, we have given our students one more reason to say no to drugs and alcohol.

Wesleyan's partnership with the SPEC Group has been instrumental in the adoption and implementation of our testing program. SPEC not only walked us through all of our questions on the front end of the decision, but have remained actively involved in the collection and testing of samples, as well as offering on-going support as "new" drugs hit the market and advancements in testing occur. I could not be more pleased with Hila Prather and her staff over the last 6+ years. Chris B. Cleveland, Headmaster, Wesleyan School

Hila and the SPEC GROUP INC. were instrumental in helping Darlington School develop a new substance abuse policy. With their guidance Darlington was able to successfully change the school's culture when it comes to helping young people make good decisions. Through the implementation of our preventative drug testing program we have been able to make positive strides in our community. We could not have done this without SPEC Group's help. Matthew Peer, Director of Upper School, Darlington School

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