School Services

The following is a list of services provided under SPEC's Drug-Free School's program. In addition to providing the "turn-key" solution, SPEC provides consulting services on any or all aspects of SPEC School programs.

  • Legally written and approved policies and procedures
  • Policy packets containing all necessary student/staff documentation forms
  • Assistance with drug-testing options and negotiations
  • Consultation, technical assistance, and legal support for the Board of Directors and Administration
  • Student, Parent, and Staff Orientation Sessions
  • Annual Student and Staff Drug Awareness Education
  • Access to discount drug testing network
  • Discounted Medical Review Officer ("MRO") services
  • Free telephone consultation for administration on all drug testing issues/questions
  • Continued support for drug testing issues and treatment referrals
  • Administrative support
  • Drug awareness videos available(at minimal cost or loan)
  • On-going legal support