Listen, Listen, Listen

Foster Self Respect:

  1. Listen, Listen, Listen
  2. Encourage independence. It's okay to act or think differently from your peers'.
  3. Praise kids for WHO they are, not just their accomplishments.
  4. Teach responsibility for their problems. Allow them to experience consequences for their behavior, no matter how uncomfortable or embarrassing.
  5. Encourage outside interests, such as after-school activities, sports, church group activities, etc.

Establish Guidelines:

  1. Take a firm stand; send a clear "no use" message on alcohol and drugs.
  2. Know where your son or daughter is. Discuss that they can telephone you for a ride if needed. Develop a "code phrase" such as I have a headache to signal you to come get them.
  3. Insist that your teen keep you posted of any change of plans. Have ways to check and know what the consequences are if they do not adhere.
  4. Establish curfews for during the week and weekends, guidelines and rules. Discuss and be consistent on the consequences if they are ignored.
  5. Do not serve to underage kids or allow it brought into your home.
  6. Teach resistance skills: ways to say no; make sure they have phone #'s to call in emergencies; cab fare.
  7. Be willing to be unpopular as a parent. Accept there will be times your child won't like what you say- or act as though they don't like you. Being your child's friend is not your primary role during this time in their life.
  8. Be at home while your pre-teens or teens are getting ready to go out.
  9. Be awake. When they return, wait up or ask them to awaken you when they arrive.

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